• RISE Summer Program
    The long awaited AYS Summer Program is out!
    70 summer experiences are primed and ready
    for young people who completed grades 6-9.
    Trampoline park, beaches, rafting, climbing,
    hiking, ziplining, you name it - we have it!

  • Youth Center Project
    The foundation is well on its way and the
    steel will arrive over the summer! Visit
    cormieryouthcenter.org for the latest
    pictures, updates and information on
    the House of Hope!

  • RISE Summer Program
    Trip #1 - Tubing the Pemi. Are you signed up?
    School is out in less than 1 month and you
    don't want to miss out on any of the 70 summer
    experiences. Online registration is happening
    now or walk in to our 37 Pearson St office.
    Get your friends together and sign up today!
  • Together We Rise
    The Rise Telethon was an epic success! Thank
    you for watching, performing, and donating!
    The community rallied behind the youth and
    put on 60 talent acts, huge challenges,
    generous donations, and netted $93,000
    for the Youth Center. Thanks again to all
    who participated!