The Andover Youth Council is a group of students whose goal is to empower young people to make positive changes in the community of Andover through events, community projects, and positive attitudes... and have an awesome time doing it!

Alana Ferris

Hi! My name's Alana Ferris. I'm a junior at Andover High School. I joined AYC last year to try out something new, and through this group I got to know some of my best friends. I am now also a volunteer for the Girls Venture Out Club.

Kara Krekorian

Hi my name is Kara Krekorian and I am a senior at Andover High School! This is my second year as an AYC member. I joined AYC to make new friends and experience different things in the Andover community. I love my dog Rigby and I have an obsession with Olaf from Frozen!

Amanda Brosnan

Hi! I'm Amanda Brosnan. I joined AYC because I want to make connections with others and use teamwork to solve problems and create programs for the youth of Andover. I love playing field hockey, shopping, and I have an iced coffee addiction :). I am hoping to help make the CYC an environmentally conscious community!

Ben Riley

Hi, I'm Ben Riley, a junior at AHS. I joined AYC so that I could have a say in addressing the issues affecting the youth of this town. Sometimes my sense of smell doesn't work.

Riley Carr

What's up! I'm Riley Carr and I'm a junior at Andover High School on the Andover Youth Council. I joined AYC to try something new and meet new people. With the help of my peers, I hope to make difference in our community and bring people closer together by spreading happiness! I love bananas and at some point over the next few years I want to road trip to California with my friends.

Bryan Sierra

Hello, I am Bryan Sierra, and I joined AYC this year to make a difference. To make people see the world differently rather than seeing this world as a dangerous place filled with horrible people. Why did I want to do this? I did this because I've talked to many people and many teenagers who have told me that this world, and specifically Andover, needs to change the way everyone sees each other and how they see the world.

Sam Grant

Hi, my name is Sam Grant! I'm a junior at Andover High and a new member on the Andover Youth Council. I joined this amazing group to feel more connected to our town and to be able to contribute to all the great programs AYS has. I hope to continue growing as an individual and as a whole youth representation. We are empowered youth, empowering others and working to give meaning to the word community. 

Matt Joyall

Matt is a mountain loving, song-singing, snow-eating, adventure-seeking junior at Andover High School. Matt joined AYC in the fall of 2015 to help address issues in the community and be an advocate for you middle and high school community in Andover!

Savannah Gillis

I am a sophomore at AHS. I joined AYC my freshman year. I originally applied to AYC not knowing much about it, and I just wanted to try something different. Little did I know that I would have some amazing experiences, make some of my closest friends, gain a new nickname (Sav Daddy) and find a voice in my community I never knew I was missing. AYC has added to my high school experience immensely and I can't imagine what I would be doing without it.

Molly Aumais

Hi my name is Molly Aumais. I joined AYC because I wanted to become more involved in my community. Through AYC I have made some of my best friends and best memories. It has been an awesome experience watching the dream of building a youth center become a reality. Over the next year I can't wait to watch it be put to use.

Hayes Linzer

I am a junior at Andover High School and this is my first year on AYC. I joined because I wanted to make a difference in my community and thought getting involved at the new youth center would be a great place to start. My favorite thing to do as part of AYC is to play and help out at open gym on Wednesday nights.

Meghan Mucher

Hi I'm Meghan Mucher! I'm a junior from Andover High School. I joined AYC in hopes of creating a better sense of unity throughout the Andover community. I am currently working on a project to promote conversation in schools about mental illness, sexuality and other prevalent issues amongst teens throughout Andover.

Meaghan Farrell

Hello! I'm Meaghan Elizabeth Farrell, a senior at Andover High. This is my third year as a Council member and I just can't stay away. I love being involved, skiing, hanging out with everybody I meet, shopping, sports (specifically football), going to Starbucks and if you bring me food I will probably eat it. HMU!!!

Philip LeBlanc IV

My name is Philip LeBlanc IV. I am a sophomore at St. Johns Prep. AYC is a very good opportunity to give back to Andover and to empower young people. Fishing, skiing, baseball, and football are some of my passions. My favorite animal is the eagle because they are on the top of the aerial food chain.

Caroline Ingram

My name is Caroline Ingram and I am a junior at AHS. I play golf and ice hockey, and I LOVE to travel (I've been to 26 countries)!! I love the color orange, summer, and baking with my mom. An interesting thing about myself is that my eyelashes are two different colors! A quote that I try to live by was told to me by my grandmother: "laugh at your own jokes". I love being apart of the Andover Youth Council; it is a truly awesome experience!!

Alessio Bustillo

Alessio is a fun loving kind of guy! He is a senior at AHS and a second year AYC member.

Haley Driscoll

Hi! I'm Haley, and I'm a senior at Andover High School. I joined AYC to become active in my community. I am glad to have stretched my comfort zone and become a part of such a passionate and supportive group.

Kat Hodge

Hi, I'm Kat Hodge, I'm a junior at Andover high school. I became a part of AYC my freshman year and have been involved ever since. I joined because I wanted to be more of a part of my community and get involved with new people.

Rachel Nardone

I'm Rachel Nardone, a junior at Andover High, and this is my first year on AYC! I joined to feel like I was a part of something and to get to know a different group of people while making a difference in our community :)

Dillon Clancy

Hi my name is Dillon Clancy and this is my second year on AYC. I initially joined AYC to get more involved in the Andover community. AYC has given me the opportunity to have my opinions and new ideas heard. I can't wait to see what's in store for AYC in this upcoming year!

Emma Plourde

Hey! My name is Emma Plourde, I am a senior at Andover High School, and a third year member of the Andover Youth Council. My sophomore year I joined the youth council to advocate for greater opportunities for others in the community, and to make a positive impact to a community that has given me so much. Some of my favorite things are hockey, volunteering, reading a good book, and Remy the rat from ratatouille's smile.

Morgan Marini

Hi! My name is Morgan Marini. I am a junior at Andover High School and a second year AYC member. I joined AYC because I wanted to make a difference in the high school community! I want to bring back school spirit and I love creating new, fun, & creative ways for high schoolers to spend their free time.

Paul Latona


Ava Grieco


Cailin Davenport