• The Moment - June 18
    Join us as we celebrate, The Moment!
    The Cormier Youth Center is up and
    running and we want the community to
    join us in celebration. If you have
    yet to see the new "Neighborhood" of
    Andover, here's your opportunity!
    There will be music, food, and fun
    for everyone - come on down, June 18
    from 2-7pm.
  • The Moment-Summer Program
    Info on the AYS summer program, The Moment,
    is available now! Click on the link below
    for the booklet or pick up a hard copy
    in school lunches or at the CYC. Online
    registration starts Friday, 6/10 at

  • Global Summit
    The Cormier Youth Center hosted the
    first Global Summit with 50 AHS students
    and teachers. Partcipants were presented
    with a design challege regarding water
    and created solutions and presentations
    on their findings. We're looking ahead
    to the next APS/AYS collaboration!

  • CYC High School Programs
    There are plenty of summer high school
    programs up and running at the Cormier
    Youth Center! Sports Programs, performance
    training, fashion, and more! Check out
    the programs page for details!

  • AYS Programs

    AYS coordinates programs in four main areas: Recreation, Education, Social and Support services. The ideas are generated directly from ideas gathered from the young people and, together, we create a partnership to implement programs.

    Programs typically run in 6 week cycles throughout the year and there are different programs for both middle school and high school students. Please click below to find information on some of the annual AYS programs.


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    Current programs

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