• AYS Summer Program 2018
    The long awaited AYS summer program is out!
    We have field trips, in house Block Party,
    clinics, workshops, and then some!
    Pick up a booklet at the CYC beginning
    Thursday, May 17. Registration will begin
    on Saturday, May 19.

  • CYC Summer Memberships
    Get access to all the Tuesday - Friday
    6-8th grade Block Parties from July 10 to
    August 24.

Recreation Programs

AYS is the leader in youth programming and encompasses all the elements that build a foundation towards a young person's positive development and provide a valuable connection to the community outside of school. AYS runs over 200 individual programs involving 7,000 participants annually. From Ultimate and rock climbing, to whitewater rafting and indoor skydiving, AYS has led the way in recreation.