• AYS Fall Program '17
    The AYS Fall Program is here! Plenty to do
    with AYS including in-house CYC Block Party,
    Workshops, Clinics, and evening activities.
    Registration starts Aug. 15! Visit the
    online registration for individual program
  • Fall Membership
    The best way to take advantage of all that
    the CYC has to offer is to become a member!
    Our membership gives 6-8th graders access to
    Block Party after school as well as discounts
    on some programs and clinics. Visit the
    membership page for the full scoop!

  • CYC High School Fall Memberships
    After 5pm, the CYC opens up for high
    school students. Daily admission is $5
    depending on the program or become a member
    and get access for a discounted rate!

Recreation Programs

AYS is the leader in youth programming and encompasses all the elements that build a foundation towards a young person's positive development and provide a valuable connection to the community outside of school. AYS runs over 200 individual programs involving 7,000 participants annually. From Ultimate and rock climbing, to whitewater rafting and indoor skydiving, AYS has led the way in recreation.