Support for Youth and their Families

Support programs are the most essential element of the AYS program. From thousands of hours of community service, to 24 hour crisis intervention, to mediation, the AYS staff spends countless hours with individuals or small groups dealing with a variety of critical youth development issues. AYS serves as a bridge between a young person’s needs and the services that can help them become a well-rounded individual.

If you need someone to talk with or know someone in crisis, please call us at 978.623.8241 or Click here to email Bill Fahey.

Click on the links below to view drug abuse resources in and around our community.

AYS offers a wide variety of support services for young people and their families. Some services include:

  • - Community Service
  • - Drop In and flexible office hours
  • - Court-related services
  • - Volunteer and Intern opportunities
  • - Hospital Visits
  • - Referrals
  • - College and Employment Recommendations
  • - Crisis intervention
  • - Outreach
  • - 24-Hour Emergency Response
  • - Parent Support and Education
  • - Discussion Groups
  • - Specialized in-school groups
  • - Holiday Gift Drive
  • - Meal / Food assistance