Andover Community Skatepark Info

The Andover Community Skatepark is a municipal facility that is organized, maintained and supported by the Andover Youth Services. Since 1998, the Andover Community Skatepark has given people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy a dynamic atmosphere, fueled by creativity, dedication and passion. The Youth Services and the Skatepark staff are committed to ensuring a safe and positive environment for people of all ages and abilities.

What is allowed:
•  Skateboards
•  quad skates (aka roller skates)
•  scooters (aka Razors or razor scooters)
•  freeskates (We have many pairs available to try for free at the park)

We have 4 different types of skateboards that are available to try for free

•  A Waiver is necessary in order to skate the park. Please fill one out online as a part of registration.
•  Helmets are required